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Using PLR in your Business Saves You Time and Money

I love to save time, don’t you? And my time is precious to me, I’m juggling many things throughout my day and if I can find one thing that will help my day go a little easier then I’m all for it. PLR Articles do just that for me and for many other internet marketers out there. Using Plr content not only saves me time but money as well. They always say “Time is Money”. That’s so true when you only have yourself to do things.

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What is PLR

That’s why I love using quality PLR. Which is, incase you have no idea what the heck I’m talking about. PLR means Private Label Rights, you have the right to use the content anyway you want, that is as far as the license lets you. Rewriting the whole thing, or just changing it up a bit and making it in your own words. That’s what I like to do, changing words to reflect my way of talking.

How To Use PLR To Save Time

What’s nice about buying a pack of PLR’s is that you not only have one article for your blog but several. Sometimes you can get enough to fill up your blog posts for the whole month. I like to do themes in my blogs each month. Like one month I’ll talk about gardening, then summer comes around and I’m talking about camping and outdoor grilling.

If I can get a whole pack of articles and put them on my blog ahead of time. Then when it’s time to publish a new article all I have to do is open up my blog, select the post I want to work on edit it and then publish. (I preload my blog with my PLR when I buy it so that I won’t forget to use it. 🙂

Just copy and paste into your website and hit draft, I give it the same title as in the pack, so not to confuse myself. But I do look up a good longtail keyword to use in its place when the times come to edit and publish my articles.

PLR To Save Money

Do you realize just how much money it takes to hire a good ghostwriter. It cost A LOT! Way more than this girl has in her budget at the moment. You can get PLR Cheap! Especially if you get on someone’s list that is watching out for new launches everyday. They will alert me when a good deal is coming up and I snatch it up. I’ve saved thousands of dollars on article packs by getting deals like that. They want to get you on their list. I usually just stay on the list for a couple weeks then unsubscribe. But I pay attention to the list that gives me the best quality deals and good tips on how to run my business better.

 More Super Simple Ideas How To Use PLR

I always ad two graphics to my articles after I’m done, one for the top and one for pinterest, using Canva to edit. (I love Canva!) and Boom! I’m done in less than an hour. No surfing the web looking for ideas and get lost in the land of Facebook. I produce way better blog posts that way and in turn my blogs fill up faster with content giving help to others looking for information about the topic in the article, found from my keyword I used. Then when they find my blog and they like all the information I have,  they sign up for my list. Yes!

Grow Your List With PLR

I’ve used PLR packs in the past to create a free offer to entice people to opt-in on the free offer and get on my list.  Then I might take a PLR pack of articles and add them to a free 7 day e-course. Adding one page a day in my autoresponder by my email provider. Then scheduling it out one day at a time. Step-by-Step tips sent out each day or each week giving them baby steps to take, rather than them trying to learn it all in one reading. These are AWESOME to get subscribers because it’s a free course for them and you both win. It works GREAT! I get so many subscribers that way. Your should try it sometime! (I have some ideas in my PLR Shop you might like to usehint, hint.)

What Else Can You Do with PLR Articles?

  • You can put your own name on them.
  • You can change them any way you like.
  • You can use them on your website or blog
  • You can use them in your newsletter.
  • You can use them in your autoresponder.
  • You can use them in your membership sites.
  • You can make a free eBook.
  • You can make a Free Special Report.
  • You can make a Free eCourse with them.
  • You can even us them with paid products.

You can do a lot of cool stuff with PLR’s!


Let me know if you need any help or would like me to rewrite articles for you. Contact me here.

Michelle 🙂

Using PLR in your Business Saves You Time and Money-min