How To Use PLR Content Challenge -Day 1

 7 Day Challenge ~Day 1

I thought this would be great fun and give us a challenge to work on to further our online business. It’s hard-working for yourself. My family has no clue what I do and they think that all I do each day is sit around by the pool. I don’t even have a pool! I guess they think I planted a money tree and go out and gather money from it from time to time.

How To Use PLR Content -Challenge Day 1

Wow, how wrong they are!

I’m working most of the time. I get up at 5 am, when the house is quiet, and do some writing, be it a new blog post or work on a new PLR article. That way at least I get something done toward my financial income, accomplished for the day.

No matter what might happen later in the day. I’ve got my main piece done off my to-do list for the day. But it helps when I can share what I’m doing with others, you know, just to feel some good feedback or a slap on the back for the hard work I’ve been doing.

I thought I would be your cheerleader for a change. When you get something done on your blog or accomplish something you think is AMAZING, but you know none of your family will understand. I’ll be here for you to give you a high five.

Let’s start this challenge, you CAN DO THIS! I promise.

I’m going to start with adding new content to my homestead blog.

I’m going to dig into my computer and add some old PLR to my blog. I think I’m close to having 100 blog posts on there but would love to have 200. The traffic to my blog has gone crazy lately and I’d like to keep up the momentum.

Here’s what I want you to do if you have a blog or just starting one. Find one article on your computer that will go well with your blog.

Homework for today.

Just find an article or a whole series, that you want to add to your blog and we’ll do this together.

I’ll be back tomorrow with my article and I’ll share with you what I do next…Hint, Free Keyword search

How To Use PLR Content Day 1

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