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How To change your mindsetI know some of you are skeptical about this…”You Can Attract Money with Your Mind

It sounds like a magic show title or let me think, a movie! “The Secret” comes to mind. Yes, I watched it and then bought 2 books about it and I read them cover to cover. That’s how I roll! 😉

The movie is really all about how to change your mindset. Thinking positive thoughts.

It was actually one year ago that I watched  that movie on Netflix. I just received an email for a girl I follow who sells jewelry online. She was talking about how she had been depressed and her chickens were fighting, lol! She said she watched the movie and read the book and everything started to change for her.

The light bulb went off in my head. I was feeling the same way! Depressed, I wasn’t making any sales on eBay, my blog was slowing down. I needed some cheering up.

I remember watching it many years ago and had totally forgot about it. After watching it this time, I went over to amazon and bought the kindle version of the book, that night I started reading it, everyday for a month, doing all the exercises each day.

It totally changed my life. No lie!

I really think your mind will let you do anything in life. You can be unhappy all the time and complain about it, so then your life will be unhappy. Or you can be positive and be thankful for what you have and you’ll start to see all the really amazing things you have in your life Right Now. Things you really take advantage of, say the water that’s running in your house.

I have lived without running water, well let me rephrase that, we had water but it was in a well/cistern. Some places out in the country don’t have running water to the houses. They have empty tanks underground that holds water, usually with spring water that runs in the well/cistern that is then pumped into the house. We had to rely on someone to truck the water to us. Yep, some old dude came to our house in a big truck full of water.

You will gingerly use that tank of water, so sparely that you have a stop watch in the shower. No, I didn’t have one of those, but I never just let the water run when I wash dishes, (didn’t have a dishwasher, WAIT! I still don’t have one) or taking a shower or brush my teeth. We really had to think about the water we used -Every. Single. Day.

If I did run out, then we would have to prime the water pump again to get the water running in the pipes. That was a BIG pain in the butt and it always took me several tries to get it going if hubs wasn’t around to do it for me.

Now I live in a house that has water and I gladly pay for it each month and I also thank them each month for it too! I felt like I had won the lottery when we moved in. No more worries about if I was about to run out of water right in the middle of a shower. Or when I’m washing clothes.

Anyway you get the idea. When you start to look at your life and start to be thankful of the things you have Now, that’s when your mindset starts to change for the better.

I’m going to write a series on How To Change Your Mindset, because I think it’s the most important thing and the first thing you need to do if your going to be successful at anything in life. I’ll be adding the links as I get the posts finished. Lets get started!

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