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I just finished a big PLR pack of 35 articles on homesteading for newbies. It’s a hot topic on all the social media accounts, everyone is wanting to learn how to be more self-sufficient, and how to grow their own food. Many questions have popped up and I’m always on the look out for new topics I can write about for my own homestead blog.

I thought it was high time I created a new pack for my PLR Niche Shop. And me being somewhat of an expert on the subject too, living out in the middle of the National Forest on a farm and all.

So I thought about what it was like when I was first dreaming of moving out to the country on a homestead of my own. What were some of my hopes and dreams? Some of my struggles? I had no problem at all coming up with 35 articles. I could write a massive book on the subject. Maybe later.

I wrote all the articles and put them in an eBook with a cover. The picture of the cows was taken at the end of my driveway a few years back.

UPGRADE OFFER: I also made a Binder in Powerpoint with all the articles, with checklists, planner pages, newbie challenges and more. If you buy the article pack then you get a chance to buy the matching binder, plus I took notes as I made the binder and put that in a short 6 page report, showing you how to take PLR and create a binder with it.

This will help you make a quick binder or journal on your own with some of those PLR packs you have laying around on your computer.

Grab The 35 Articles Here

Homesteading For Newbies PLR


35 Articles 100% Unique, over 27,000 words
Txt & Word Files
Editable eBook (with articles) and Cover

Homesteading for Newbies PLR (35 pages, 27,474 words)

1. How To Start A Homestead No Matter Where You Live (525 words)
2. How Country Neighbors Etiquette is Different than From City Neighbors Etiquette and How It Can Save Your Life One Day. (603 words)
3. 9 Easy Steps To Start Your Very Own Backyard Homestead (654 words)
4. What is Homesteading and What are The Benefits of Owning One? (650 words)
5. How To Be Prepared Like a Homesteader Even If You Aren’t One (678 words)
6. Simple Things You Can Do Now If You Want To Be A Homesteader (606 words)
7. Easy Garden Vegetable To Grow That Will Keep You From Starving (633 words)
8. Where To Start Looking For Homestead Land When Your Broke (717 words)
9. 10 Top Things To Consider Before Buying Land For A Homestead (894 words)
10.How An Apartment Dweller Can Move Out An Start A Homestead With Very Little Money. (895 words)
11. 10 Reasons Why To Never Buy Your First Homestead Property Sight Unseen (806 words)
12. What To Do If There is No Water On The Homestead Property (614 words)
13. How To Live On Land With No Running Water Or Electricity? (781 words)
14. What It Means To Live On A Homestead (801 words)
15. Getting Started With Homestead Living (736 Words)
16. Common Mistakes People Make When Starting A Homestead (786 words)
17. Benefits of Starting A Homestead (827 Words)
18. Must Have Off Grid Essentials For Your Homestead (890 words)
19. What Skills Are Needed To Become a Homesteader And How You Can Start Learning Them Now (826 Words)
20. How Do Homesteaders Make Money? (979 words)
21. Tips on Buying A Homestead On A Budget (827 words)
22. 10 Essential Things Needed To Start A Homestead and Live a More Self-Sufficient Lifestyle (878 Words)
23. 10 Work At Home Ideas For Homesteaders (925 words)
24. Essential Power Equipment Needed For The New Homesteader (771 words)
25. How To Buy Land For Homesteading (822 words)
26. Must Have Kitchen Gadgets For Your Homestead (823 words)
27. Homestead Baby Chicks Care 101 (826 words)
28. Homestead Tips For Raising Chickens For Profit (682 words)
29. First Year Newbie Homestead Skills You Can Learn From Your Apartment (938 words)
30. Making Master Goal List For Newbie Homesteaders First Year (849 words)
31. How To Start An Urban Homestead Business (927 words)
32. Homestead Laying Chickens The Benefits of Tracking Egg Production (789 words)
33. How To Thrive During Rough Times On The Homestead (867 words)
34. 16 Must Haves Garden Tools For Your Homestead (938 words)
35. Benefits of Growing A Garden In Containers For Homesteaders (711 words)

Only $35  that’s only $1 per page!

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