How To change your mindset Part 2

How To Change Your Mindset For Success ~ Part 2


How To change your mindset Part 2It’s almost impossible to believe that what you think about affects your real life. Or that anyone can teach you, how to change YOUR mindset for success. But I can! Here’s a little test you can do right now to see what your thinking about most of the time.


Are you thinking about happy things or thinking negative thoughts. You can tell really easily.


What’s your life like right now? Are things going good for you or bad? Probably not so good if you’re reading this right now.




I’ve been right there with you…for YEARS!


I have a solution for you and it’s really a simple secret

Something that all successful people do. I’ll show you how to change Your Mindset for success just like the pro’s do. Most people assume their mindset is set in stone.

They use expressions like:

  • I’ve always been this way.
  • Success doesn’t come easy for me.
  • A leopard can’t change its spots.
  • Good things just don’t happen to me.


It’s easy to believe that when you become an adult, you cease to grow. You might think that your abilities, skills, and habits are now permanent. Some people call this mindset a fixed mindset. This is important if you want to understand your way of thinking. A fixed mindset can lead you to adjust your expectations for your life based on what you think is possible for you.


For example, you might say, “Well, I was never good at understanding business, so I can’t pursue my lifelong dream of becoming an entrepreneur.What most people don’t know is that there’s a second mindset you can choose to embrace. This mindset is called a growth mindset.

change your mindset

Growth Mindset? What’s That?


With a growth mindset, you recognize that though you may lack certain skills and abilities, they can be developed. You might say, “It’s true that I struggled to understand that business course I took in high school. But if I keep working at it, I can develop the skills I need to build a successful business.”


The important thing to understand about a growth mindset is it fosters resilience or an ability to try again even after disappointing setbacks and crushing failure. You’ve heard the saying “If you fall off the horse, just get right back on it again”.

For example, your goal is to start your own hosting company. You need capital to buy servers and employ a programmer. You go to the bank and apply for a loan. The loan officer takes one look at your business plan and smirks. He tells you that your business plan is too poorly written and jumbled to even make sense of.


I Think I Have A Fixed Mindset


If you have a fixed mindset, you might leave the bank thinking that you can’t succeed now. You may say things like, “The loan manager was right. I can’t even write a business plan. How the heck am I ever going to build a successful hosting company?”

But if you choose a growth mindset, you look at this setback as an opportunity to grow. You say to yourself, “Well, maybe my business plan does need some work. I’ll go to the library and check out a book on how to write a business plan. I know if I study this topic, I can write a better plan.


With the growth mindset, you can bounce easier. Tigger Style! Bounce right over that obstacle. 


Tigger’s Song

You don’t think of your skills as stuck in one place, rather you view them as something you’re continually evolving and honing. This is how you change your mindset for success, your changed outlook can help you overcome obstacles that you’ll encounter on the path toward success.



How To Change Your Mindset Series

Get the right mindset for success like me

Get The Right Mindset For Success -Series Part 1

Get the right mindset for success like meDoes it seem like some people have all the luck? Everything they do turns to gold and when you try to do something it ends up in disaster.

It Seems So Unfair!

Life’s throwing you curveballs and you just can’t catch a break! I read this quote a few months ago and jotted it on a index card and stuck it on my dream board at my desk so I could get the right mindset for success.





“The Harder You Work The Luckier You Get!” Stephen Kaufer of Tripadvisor


Pretty powerful! That’s why it’s on my dream board to remind me that I need to just keep working and luck will find me. So it’s not really that other people are luckier than you, it’s just that they have their mindset for success. So Michelle, “How can I get the right mindset for success like that Tripadvisor dude?”

I’ll tell you from the success I had in the cricket business. You see this was back in 1989-1990. We went bankrupt. Yep, you heard me. We had built up so much debt (from a failed stained glass business) that we couldn’t handle it anymore. I was making around $4 an hour and hubs was a locksmith for a big bank but the pay sucked. We could have gotten on food stamps, but we were too proud to do that, so we filed for bankruptcy.


We packed up some of our stuff out of our home we bought, left the cars in the driveway and lucky for us hubs bank let him use the company truck to take us to our rental house in the city. OH Man, I’m a country girl and bringing my babies to the city was really scary for me. Hubs rode a bike to work each day. I stayed home with the two boys. I couldn’t afford to pay for a sitter in the city and work so I did nothing mostly.


Get The Right Mindset For Success


We lived there for a year, but while we were there. Hubs started messing around out in the garage with crickets. His dad wanted to grow them because when he went fishing, the bait house was always out of them. He started in his house, which was a bad idea as they got out all over the place. But that’s another story.

Turns out that I also used to work at a petshop for a while right after my youngest was born and the they never had crickets in the winter time and all our bug eating critters would go hungry, until another shipment came in and then most of them were dead. I had the great idea to sell them to pet shops instead of for bait. It was a more steady income than the bait market. That started the wheels working in hubs brain. He’s a pretty smart dude.


Get The Right Mindset

Broke But Not Broken (maybe a little bit)


We were broke, I mean really broke. But we set our minds to building a business out of nothing. We wanted more for our boys and ourselves. Plus I REALLY hated living in the city. We even impressed the guy that rented the house from so much as he watched us go from bankrupt to owning a 100 acre farm. That he eventually followed us to our home town and built himself a very successful business and is still there today.


So you see, we didn’t go to college, or have Many skills. We just knew we wanted to have our own business and we saw a business opportunity that was needed. We started very small, like one car (hubs still worked in the city), I would drive him to work, drop the oldest off at school, then deliver the crickets, go back and pick him up which was an hour drive each way, take care of the bugs and raise two boys.


I Was A Super MOM!


Our car was crap! I had to fill it up with oil every 200 miles, plus it was a stick shift blue wagon that smoked and backfired. So embarrassing to drop of your child at school in a smoking car. Our house we bought out in the country was an old meth house, that was really a garage with three sliding glass doors on the front. I have a picture of me crying when we moved in, there wasn’t a kitchen, there was mold on the walls and wet clothes all over the house.

I was sitting in a chair in the middle of my non kitchen, priceless! But I was out of the city!

The renters blew up the shed in the backyard and the sewer was messed up so the toilet never flushed right. I had to hang out my clothes to dry outside, in the winter in the tiny house and our refrigerator was from the 20’s and we flushed the toilet with a water bucket.


You Have To Start Someplace


You’ve got to start someplace, everybody does. We then grew that Bug business into something AWESOME! Traveling, buying two homes and 100 acre farm, motorhomes, trips to Alaska and Australia. We kept that going for over 25 years, when we needed more money we brainstormed how to grow bigger and bigger. With no help from anyone. We even bought our house on a contract. We paid cash for everything, until I started getting credit cards in the mail. That’s another story too.

The thing is no one remembers the way we started, the sacrifices we made to make it work. You have to tell yourself over and over that it will work, you WILL make 6 figures this year or next. I did that! Our family would always ask us when we were going to get a REAL job. Even when we were making so much money.


And I raised our income every year and would say to myself over and over, what I was going to make that year and the next. It really is in the mindset and how you think about things. If I had just stayed in that rental house in the city and told myself I would never be anyone or make any money. Then I might still be there.

Another thing I remember was that no one would help us to learn how to raise crickets. It was a big secret back in the 90’s before the internet. There wasn’t even any books at the library about it. So we did what we had to do and learned everything there was about bugs and how they act. One cricket farmer had to buy his farm and pay a down payment before he could even go on the farm to see how to raise them for himself. We didn’t have that luxury.

We built ours from scratch with the cash we had on hand. Because we went bankrupt. We had no credit for about 10 years. Everything was cash. No debit cards back then either.


We had no choice but to succeed! And when things go to heck, then you just have to deal with it and go on.

Here’s a quote from Me!

To Be Successful, You Have No Choice But To Make It Work” by Michelle Farmer, Commercial Cricket Farmer


So Mindset is what makes the difference.  Just do it! Get Your Mindset For Success as it sets those who are successful apart from those who are not. Just saying!


But I was thrown One more curveball.


Our crickets got a virus, actually everyone in the United States who had cricket farms got the virus. It was in the air and there was nothing anyone could do about it. The big cricket farms stuck together and helped each other get through it, but there was a couple years when you could only get live crickets from a couple places in the United States.

Our friends farm got it, we got it. There was nothing we could do, the bugs just died. So we sold the farm and move all our stuff into a small home close to the farm. Sold off all the old cricket stuff and traveled for a couple months. We went from making over $20,000 a month to nothing overnight.


Is Your Mindset Defeating You?

Here’s my Internet story.

Michelle wanted to be an online entrepreneur. She started selling on eBay and she did really well at it, growing each month in sales. One year she even paid all over $45,000 worth of credit card debt, but she wanted more. She wanted to be like all her new friends she made online.


They always said they were making really good money, even some of them said 6 figures. She was tired of the whole eBay biz, but didn’t want to sell crickets again and wasn’t sure if she even could. She really missed all the money she used to make raising bugs.


Sales were slowing down on eBay, so she knew she had to do something else to make extra money.


Getting a job was out of the question, she didn’t have any skills (so she thought) and she knew she would make more at home than in some 9 to 5 job.


She secretly (hubs didn’t approve of her online quest) spent years bouncing from one business idea to the next. Each started the same way: she’d feel excited about pursuing the new business. She’d get the supplies or tools needed. Then she’d begin a marketing campaign.


By the six-month mark, Michelle would shut it down. She would say the market wasn’t ready for her idea or that her ideal customers weren’t willing to pay enough to make a profit.


She spent so much money on these big ideas! But nothing seemed to be working. So, she’d get really busy with eBay again for a few months until she found her next big idea.


Michelle didn’t realize her problem was her mindset. She had no one to point that fact out to her. Even though Michelle craved success online, she feared it, she thought she was too stupid to do it or didn’t have enough skills. So, every time she got close to a breakthrough in a new business, she would sabotage herself.

Sound familiar?


You may relate to these struggles. Perhaps your dream is slightly different—maybe you want to be a six-figure blogger or start your own tech company.

The good news is that you can achieve these dreams and so much more, but only if you’re willing change and Get Your Mindset For Success. I’ve changed mine and have no more fear of failure now.

I want to be successful so I have no choice to make it work!” I think someone famous said that. Ha, no it was me! 

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Get The Right Mindset For Success

How To change your mindset

How To Change Your Mindset -7 Mindsets For Success Series

How To change your mindsetI know some of you are skeptical about this…”You Can Attract Money with Your Mind

It sounds like a magic show title or let me think, a movie! “The Secret” comes to mind. Yes, I watched it and then bought 2 books about it and I read them cover to cover. That’s how I roll! 😉

The movie is really all about how to change your mindset. Thinking positive thoughts.

It was actually one year ago that I watched  that movie on Netflix. I just received an email for a girl I follow who sells jewelry online. She was talking about how she had been depressed and her chickens were fighting, lol! She said she watched the movie and read the book and everything started to change for her.

The light bulb went off in my head. I was feeling the same way! Depressed, I wasn’t making any sales on eBay, my blog was slowing down. I needed some cheering up.

I remember watching it many years ago and had totally forgot about it. After watching it this time, I went over to amazon and bought the kindle version of the book, that night I started reading it, everyday for a month, doing all the exercises each day.

It totally changed my life. No lie!

I really think your mind will let you do anything in life. You can be unhappy all the time and complain about it, so then your life will be unhappy. Or you can be positive and be thankful for what you have and you’ll start to see all the really amazing things you have in your life Right Now. Things you really take advantage of, say the water that’s running in your house.

I have lived without running water, well let me rephrase that, we had water but it was in a well/cistern. Some places out in the country don’t have running water to the houses. They have empty tanks underground that holds water, usually with spring water that runs in the well/cistern that is then pumped into the house. We had to rely on someone to truck the water to us. Yep, some old dude came to our house in a big truck full of water.

You will gingerly use that tank of water, so sparely that you have a stop watch in the shower. No, I didn’t have one of those, but I never just let the water run when I wash dishes, (didn’t have a dishwasher, WAIT! I still don’t have one) or taking a shower or brush my teeth. We really had to think about the water we used -Every. Single. Day.

If I did run out, then we would have to prime the water pump again to get the water running in the pipes. That was a BIG pain in the butt and it always took me several tries to get it going if hubs wasn’t around to do it for me.

Now I live in a house that has water and I gladly pay for it each month and I also thank them each month for it too! I felt like I had won the lottery when we moved in. No more worries about if I was about to run out of water right in the middle of a shower. Or when I’m washing clothes.

Anyway you get the idea. When you start to look at your life and start to be thankful of the things you have Now, that’s when your mindset starts to change for the better.

I’m going to write a series on How To Change Your Mindset, because I think it’s the most important thing and the first thing you need to do if your going to be successful at anything in life. I’ll be adding the links as I get the posts finished. Lets get started!

Start Reading =>7 Mindsets for Success Series Part 1


How To Change Your Mindset now

Journaling PLR Articles For Your Blog

Journaling PLR Packs

Journaling PLR ArticlesJournaling has really taken of the past few years, to help you relax, stay on task, for writing or even coloring journals are now on the market. But journaling PLR articles can help get some of the profit there is in this huge new trend.

Journaling can even be found in Forbes as a terrific way to keep your business on track. To keep all your ideas in one place and to see what you still need to do. Any niche can use a journal to keep track of things.

Homesteading can use a journal to keep track of crops each year, or how their stock is doing. That’s just one example, there are so many uses for a journal. That’s why it has really taken off lately.

Amazon has a bunch of journals you can buy. Consumers really want to know how to get started journaling and that’s something that you can teach them with these articles. Adding your own flair, because everyone is different and like different journaling styles.

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The benefits of Journaling are astounding when you think about it. By just writing down some words on paper can help you feel better, help you will stress issues, depression, mental health. That is perfect for any niche you might be in, you can teach the different ways it can help in our everyday lives.


Here’s some ideas of things you can do with these packs

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