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I’m Michelle the author of this blog. My goal in starting this is to help other people to start making money online. And to provide quality PLR Articles for sale in my shop. Along with deals and bonuses from my favorite PLR providers.

I struggled with internet marketing for so many years, learning one skill after another in my journey to financial freedom online. But I’m unique, I’ve always worked for myself and I think that’s the one thing that I struggled with for so long was adjusting from offline work to online work.

It was hard to get my head in the right place about it, but when I changed my mindset. The doors starting opening and I was finally able to make really good money online. I want to help you on your journey, no matter what niche your in, I’ll be able to point you in the right direction for success.

What’s really weird is that I’m a retired commercial cricket farmer. Yep, I raised bugs for a living and as strange as that sounds, I made a lot of money. I did that with the help of my boys and hubby for over 25 years just selling bugs. We are living the American Dream!

I’ve been married to my high school sweetie for 37 years, we created a very nice living for ourselves. Then life threw us a curve ball, and some unexpected things happened.

Life changing things

We lost our oldest son, so we closed the bug business and started traveling in our RV for a few months one summer, to just get away from everything. Traveling together while having the cricket Business, just didn’t happen. We took separate vacations all those years, so the other person could keep the bugs alive.

Not to many people want to work around a bunch of bugs. 🙂

When we got back I started selling on ebay. I was able to pay off all our debt that we had from the past, by just selling antiques and collectibles. I became powerseller and on the side I was quietly learning everything I could about internet marketing and writing. I’ve actually started this site, like 3 times!

But I just didn’t think I was ready to teach anyone anything. I was wrong. I should have stuck with it and taught my readers as I learned. Isn’t that the best way to learn, watching step by step someone else so you can avoid the mistakes someone else is making.

I still have a lot to learn and have several niche sites, that I spent the last few years working on. I can teach you many things about getting a site set up for Amazon affiliate marketing, while adding other incomes to your niche sites so all your eggs aren’t in one basket so to speak.

Now that I’ve changed my mindset and have a few years under my belt doing the online gig. I feel confident teaching others what I’ve learned and boy it’s a lot. I’m a published author now, that was super fun to learn to do and I’ve been the writer of many blogs over the years. One that was successful but I don’t own anymore was teaching others how to sell on ebay.

Currently I have a homestead blog that I still work on and a couple others for some extra income. I’ve taken a lot of training courses over the years and I’m an now an expert social media gal and can get traffic to any blog in 30 days. Good traffic too!

So you see I have a lot I can share with anyone that’s new to the online marketing business or like me had the wrong mindset, that kept me from staying on the one path. Instead I traveled on many of them. I want to help you avoid that and start making money now with your blog or niche site.

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Thanks so much for stopping by!